About Our Business and Services

We started our business many years ago in the construction industry and have
advanced into the area of inspections. In the post Katrina era, there has been a
regular parade of news broadcasts highlighting incomplete or substandard
contractor work, or outright contractor fraud.  RiverView Construction has
dedicated its business to delivering the highest quality licensed work, and now
through our inspection services we also are dedicated to helping insure that
homeowners get the benefit of their bargains, even when we aren't the builder.

RiverView has 18 years of construction experience and over 5 years on
inspection training. Additionally we take pride in our Green building and home
efficiency practices, including our latest offering in energy efficiency.   

Inspections - We offer code compliance inspection for residential and commercial.
We hold a Louisiana Home Inspection License, International Code Counsel
certification in the following: Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, and
Licensed with the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code Counsel.
Complete home inspection specialist. As our company holds all licenses: Building,
Electrical, Mechanical, Gas, and Plumbing, we are one stop inspection for
What made this business possible is a  
dedication to hard work, a guarantee of work
performed and our customer satisfaction.....  
With our clients we have accomplished so
much and expanded our business!
Thank you...     
Our technicians have over 21 years of experience. Fair and friendly staff
who care very much for the rebuilding of this 'you can only see that in New
Orleans' City!!!!
About Us