Receive all this with your purchase of a PV system

  • Free Solar Attic Fan installed with 25 year warranty on unit with stainless
    steel hardware $1125 value
  • Free Certified Level III Energy Audit with $5000 dollar cash rebate with the
    Louisiana Hero Program $775 value
  • Free Certified Building Thermal Camera Inspection $775 value
  • Free Certified Home Inspection $445
  • Solar assessment and Shading report with roof assessment $275
  • additional warranty $3000
  • 50% State tax rebate up to $12,500
  • 30% Federal tax rebate as credit up until 2016 $NO CAP



Since January 1, 2008, Louisiana has provided one of the most aggressive
incentives for solar adoption in the entire country. This incentive is a 50%
refundable tax credit for up to $12,500 for each system that is needed to meet
your home's electric consumption. The incentives allow five (5) systems with
50% on each.

All costs associated with installing solar electric systems and/or solar hot water
systems are eligible for the tax credits. Our tax partners will assist you in the
preparation of your tax forms by supplying you with all of the necessary
information to receive the maximum return for you investments.


You can claim a tax credit of 30% of qualified expenses for a solar system for
your residence, including labor costs, system installation, and piping or wiring to
connect a system to the home. This credit is good until 2016. Consult your CPA
or tax professional as each project and situation varies. We work in conjunction
with and can recommend the best pros in the field.
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