RiverView Construction has Trained Certified Energy Raters to assist our
clients with Federal and State Tax credits.  We promote energy efficiency
with Building Science. The Government, State and Federal has many
incentives to assist to improving your home on Energy Efficiency. Cost of
energy will increase 5% to 6% every year and America's consumption of
energy will increase.
Energy Audit - This service performs a inspection of your project or existing
home and will provide you a detail report on ways to reduce your energy
consumption. $365.00

Blower Door Testing - performs a test on you project, home, or building to
determine how much leakage from infiltration that is entering your home from
the outside. The heat gain or heat loss is a result in higher cost in energy bills.   
We will report on the ways to reduce the infiltration and lower your energy bill
every month. We utilize comprehensive programs to produce accurate reports
of energy savings.   $425.00

Duct Blast Testing - performs a test on you project, home, or building to
determine how much leakage exist in the Air-Conditioning & Heating System.
The more that leaks into the attic 'which is the outside' cost that much more to
heat and cool your home. $255.00

Price is based on homes under 2000 sq ft 8' ceiling and single air-conditioning system. Additional rating is required after improvements
are complete. Cost for the final rating - $75 - $125.   Discounts are offered with combined services.

Other Services:

Air-Conditioning and Duct sizing using professional software and current codes. $420.00
A properly sized Air-Conditioning unit can save on energy every year and provide a more comfortable
environment with better humidity control.

Air flow balance report on your air delivery system. $225.00
A correctly balanced system will eliminate hot spots and calculates proper air flow for each room.

Thermal Inferred Camera for Building Diagnostics. $275.00 per hour
This is an in-depth diagnostic of the building envelope and insulation system.
There is a two hour minimum for this service. We are Infrared Certified with the Flir B-300.

We are Registered and Participation with Entergy New Orleans

Under this program you may funds for Energy Efficiency

Packaging of any services will automatically receive discounts - each project is
different please complete our building quote page and we will be happy to
produce a personal quote.

Client agrees to pay a fee in accordance with RiverView Construction & Consulting Service fee schedule plus
any additional fees not included in the base fee and any applicable taxes at or before the time of inspection.
Client further agrees that to participate in the HERO Program 30% efficiency must be achieved. If residence
cannot reach this minimum requirement, full agreed upon fee is still due for the energy performance rating.
Rules are enforced by the State of Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. Please see there web site
above for additional information
Services Offered
Energy Audits
Tag Along Project

RiverView offers individuals
who desire to learn Green
Building practises to tag along
with our Raters on certain hand
how to perform and conduct an
Energy Audit. There is no
charge. Please e-mail and let
us know if interested in our
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