RiverView Construction Contract Statement and Conditions

RiverView Constructions mission statement is to satisfy our customers and perform the highest quality of
work on their projects. We only proceed with a contract on our projects to protect all parties involved. We
encourage anyone who hires a contractor to perform any task large or small, to insist on a written contract
and have
all details listed in such contract or agreement. RiverView offers services to assist in verifying
and reviewing of contracts and contractors with our
Consulting Service Link

All contracts with RiverView Construction will agree to all terms contained in this page. Signed documents
or electronic form [e-mail] with the contractor will contain language with direct reference to
riverviewccs.com contract page for detailed contract agreements.

Once a contract/ agreement is signed and accepted by the individual all payments must be made on time
with all definitions contained in the written agreement. All payments must be made before any and all final
inspections. NO EXCEPTIONS unless in written form.

Failure to make any payments, partial, final, or any draw, will automatically initiate RiverView Construction
to immediately place a Mechanical Lien on any real property of the customer and/or such property that
work is being performed on. If such contract is on a lease property or commercial property Lien will be
placed on owner's property and such person or persons will be subject suit for compensatory damages
and any amount for cost of collection and/or all legal proceedings. Cost for such lien will be $500 to include
filing fees, administration cost, and/or any legal/notary cost.

RiverView Construction will asses fees if payments are not received on such date contained in the written
agreement. These fees may be, but will not limited to 10 1/2% of the contract agreement total amount per
day for every day not payed in full. The definition of days will include full calendar days.

Change orders will be written or electronic form and contain amendments to the original
contract/agreement with amount of such change order. Payment schedule of such change order will be at
the discretion of RiverView Construction, yet the contractee will be notified of such schedule upon the
addition of the change order.

If any such dispute, disagreement, argument or/and breach of contract, RiverView and contract signer will
agree to have such aforementioned brought before a arbitrary hearing.

Notice of Mechanics Lien - is applied to all contracts. This is a requirement of Louisiana Law

RiverView Construction reserves the right to use additional personal on contracts involving sub-contracted
labor or services at no charge to such sub-contractor for apprenticeship training purposes. Acceptance of
any contract with RiverView will agree with such aforementioned statement.
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