RiverView Construction offers comprehensive consulting packages to fit
your construction project. All services offered can be combined with any
options or services. This service will provide you with the security of
inspections of the construction project to assure all Codes are followed.
Covered in all inspections are: Building, Electrical, Gas, Air-conditioning,
Plumbing. RiverView CCS will research your contractor to verify licensing
(occupational and professional).
Residential Pkg 1  -   $385.00
This is the basic package. This will give you two independent inspections on your
construction project at any point requested *.  Support through e-mail
*Typical inspection request are at the rough-in point and the final completion.

We do not replace the required inspection by the city of your jurisdiction. We only
assist before costly mistakes are made by either the homeowner or the general
contractor and their subs.
Residential Pkg 2  -  $525.00
This gives additional independent inspections and contract review. This allows more
protection during the construction process. Three individual inspections are included
with contractor mediation. Support through e-mail.
Contract Review - Company personnel will review the contract between parties to ensure your understanding of
terms and to avoid surprises and additional costs during the construction process. $250.00

Payment Dispersement - This service will evaluate the amount of work performed before funds are paid out,
eliminating over-payments and early payments for work not completed. $185.00

Plan Design - We can assist in the design of your project and introduce new floor plans. This will include structural
planning. $Quote

Blueprinting - This service will design a full set of plans with material list. $Quote

Contractor Research - Before you hire a contractor get the FYI on the company or individual. We will gather all
information to assist in obtaining a experienced and licensed contractor. $205.00

Construction Inspection - This will give independent building inspections with available sub inspections on
Electrical, Mechanical (Air-conditioning, Gas), Structure, and Plumbing. $220.00 per occurrence.
Residential Pkg 3 - $775.00
This comprehensive package will give you independent review coverage throughout
your construction project. Continues support and updated reports on construction
progression based on your contract. Mediation between owner and contractor to
assist in resolving construction issues.
Eliminate contractor fraud with our consulting service. With this service you
can avoid some of the highest complaints: (the contractor was payed for
work not complete or work not done to code or in an unprofessional manor).
Our staff are Certified by the International Code Counsel. Avoid losing
money or having your biggest investment in life left with problems from
deplorable work.
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